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Among numerous projects and campaigns building the company's image and promoting our clients' products, many were a source of particular satisfaction due to their innovative and unique nature and the exceptional effects they brought to our clients, e.g.:


Our client, Finder, was the technological partner of the team of Adam Małysz, the legendary Polish ski jumper, when he moved from ski jumping to car rallies. Finder and the team attached particular importance to its debut in the world's most demanding rally – the Dakar Rally. In order to provide the Polish fans with the fastest and fullest coverage from Latin America, Finder developed a special on-line service and mobile application, which was an innovative platform for reporting on the rally. Ongoing updates were fed to the service by Finder's reporters who were following the rally and sending their materials to Warsaw-based editors of the service. Our role in the project was to team up with the client in developing the concept at the stage of creating the service and mobile application, as well as running the service’s leading editorial office, including the editing and publication of all its content. During the rally, we published several hundred news items, summarising information, video and photo relations.

Drivers' Perception Study – the ISA Sensory Analysis Institute

SA conducts consumer surveys in cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and eye-tracking. The key element of eye tracking are special glasses recording the image of the surroundings and the movement of the pupils of the analysed person, ensuring precision in indicating and recording moments and points of focus. We faced the task of promoting this method for the purpose of marketing as an objective method of analysing the items which are focal points for clients/persons being product or message targets. We proposed to survey the impact of road-side advertising as an element distracting drivers and taking their attention away from road signs, resulting in reduced safety on the road. We succeeded in attracting a valuable media patron for the project – the most popular Polish automotive weekly published a long article on our survey, describing our client's research method, and Internet coverage included a film documenting the survey. Unfortunately, the survey only confirmed what we expected. Advertising is very effective in distracting drivers' attention from road signs. Drivers tend to glance at advertising three times more often than at road signs.


In the first years of our collaboration with Finder, our task involved promoting GPS/GSM technology in business applications as well as building Finder's image as a reputable provider of technology-based services. Our strategy was based on finding and involving ourselves in media-attractive projects where the use of the Finder Online GPS/GSM system would be an additional advantage. We proposed some adjustments to tailor the system to the needs of a project and Finder provided the necessary equipment and service. Projects consisted in giving a detailed account of competitions by reflecting emotions that could not be otherwise reflected through using traditional reporting/storytelling methods. The competitions covered on-line thanks to Finder’s technology included the RMF Morocco Challenge Rally, the MT Rally, the Gniezno-Wrocław Rally, the European Match Racing Championship or the Great Rally of Polish Radio Channel 3. Participants of the rally, which involved hitchhiking as quickly as possible along a pre-planned route across Europe, were equipped with mobile phones featuring a GPS function provided by Finder. Special software had been developed for the mobiles so that those who listened to the radio, could follow the progress of the rally on a digital Finder On-Line system map. At the time, mobiles with a GSP function were a technological innovation, not commonly used in the GPS system. Not unlike others, this project was a major promotional success. During the rally, over 1.5 million visits to the website covering the rally were reported.

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" was very good in delivering the contract, demonstrating very high professional standards, creativity, flexibility and reliability of service. We are satisfied with the very efficient collaboration with at each stage of the project."
SAP Polska
" is very commited and very professional, as well as creative and innovative in the performance of its tasks. Together with, we succeeded in implementing several pioneering projects promoting state-of-the art GSM products by Finder S.A."
Finder S.A.
"Conferences organised by were prepared professionally and creatively, with commitment and flexibility. We could rely on suggestions and recommendations made by employees of the agency."
Ministerstwo Pracy i Polityki Społecznej
"It is the agency's extraordinary flexibility, openness to our needs and commitment to solve difficult issues that gave full satisfaction to organisers and participants from their participation in the event."
SAP Polska
"It is my pleasure to endorse the ComCom Company and to highly recommend their service to those looking for a friendly and reliable team to organize such an event."
Dassault Systemes Austria

As part of the European road show, we organised the visit of a SAP demonstration truck to Poland.

We were entrusted with the logistics of the event, including planning the route, oversize vehicle transfer and parking permits, selection of prestigious locations, inviting of guests, and accompanying events. In Warsaw, the truck was parked on the National Stadium pitch and, in Poznań, in front of the Old Brewery Business and Art Centre. was contracted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to organise a conference on introducing EU funds.

Our responsibilities included the development of conference Internet services, the on-line registration of applications, a graphic line, preparation of conference materials, promotional stands, and ensuring the full organisation and technical service of events.

Basware chose as the organiser of its international Sales and Marketing Kick Off conference.

The conference, with its several thematic paths, was accompanied by different kinds of meetings held in several locations. Our role was to coordinate and organise all elements of the conference hosting guests from all over the world.

Since 2009, we have been working with Cisco, jointly organising its Networking Academy programme events.

Every year, NetAcad courses attract more than 26,000 secondary school and university students. They are given the opportunity to attend a range of events, including Student Days, the Incubator Program or NetRiders. When needed, we provide our organisational and promotional support to Cisco NetAcad events in various locations around Poland.

The Finder system and equipment was made available for the purpose of the on-line transmission from the Sailing Championship of Polish Journalists.

GPS/GSM modules in boats and the on-line transmission from the competition helped to build the awareness of the Finder brand and technology among journalists, who are the target group for the purpose of communication. As planned, the project laid a solid foundation for continued collaboration with the media.

Since 2007, SAP Polska has been entrusting us with the organisation of the majority of its biggest conferences.

Typically,, as the organisator, would be responsible for all aspects of the organisation, including the on-line registration process, the preparation of the promotional setting, collaboration with partners and sponsors, technical services, logistics, artistic settings, participation of guest speakers and, when necessary, settlement of accounts with participants.

Upon SAP's request, we organised several international meetings of SAP teams from the CEE region. was responsible for the entire project, including finding the appropriate venue, accommodation, transfers, technical side of the meeting, integration and motivation programme, and the entertainment of guests from many countries.